Don’t Have A Set Time For Eating? You May Be At Risk Of Skin Issues, Says Nirmal Singh 3C

The findings of the new study show that people who eat at untimely hours and late at night are at risk of more skin related issues like skin aging, skin cancer and sunburn than those who have a set time for eating. There is a reason why doctors advise eating at regular hours. Midnight snacks and late dinners will not only disrupt the protective layer of your skin but also impair it to repair itself in the long run, but that’s not a risk worth taking, is it? This lifestyle will also make the harmful UV radiations penetrate the layer of your skin easily.
Nirmal Singh 3C of India and Joseph S. Takahashi from Texas said that the final findings of the study are shocking and that their team didn’t think that eating late or at untimely hours can affect the quality of skin so much. They also said that it is equally important to pay attention at the time you are eating something as it is to the quality of the food you are eating.
The study was conducted on mice, a nocturnal species. They we…

Low Pay, High Stress Jobs Worse Than Unemployment, Says Nirmal Singh 3C

It has now been scientifically proven that the wrong kind of job is going to have far more negative effect on the people than being unemployed. India is amongst those countries that are currently suffering from a high rate of unemployment. Nirmal Singh 3C says that in order to save themselves from unemployment, many people start indulging themselves into whatever jobs that they find and this is what is tampering their health a lot.
Nirmal Singh 3C says that working at a low pay or highly stressful jobs is exactly what you need to stay away from. Unemployment is not a choice but getting into the wrong type if work would directly affect your mental health and that is much more risky and unsatisfying than staying unemployed. In fact you can use the period of your unemployment to do the things that you love, or learn the things that you have always wanted to but could not due to some or the other reason. 
Nirmal Singh3C says that spending your free time creatively, doing something that you…

Here’s Why Maintaining Dental Health Is Important During Monsoon

Nirmal Singh 3C reminds us that mouth is the gateway to our body, explaining the importance of teeth and why it is necessary to clean it regularly. In short, you need to keep your body clean; you must keep your teeth clean first. Indeed, your teeth also deserve an equal amount of attention as your body, as they too are equally vulnerable as your body. If a person is not cleaning his teeth regularly, then the body has to bear the consequences. 
Nirmal Singh 3C found that people generally have discolored, yellow, or cavity-infested teeth nowadays. The whole and sole credit of the same goes to the current lifestyle of the people. People these days have layers of yellow coating on their teeth because of Excessive drinking – alcohol, tea or coffee, lack of personal hygiene, smoking, are a few of them. It is not easy to maintain pearly white teeth. 
Nirmal Singh 3C points out the fact that good health is measured by healthy teeth and it also adds confidence in people. A good set of teeth is d…

A New Drug Can Treat Blood Cancer Patients More Effectively, Says Nirmal Singh 3C

Researchers have been analysing data from various patients, 269 AML to be precise, and found that the survival rate of the patients improved through the activity of HOX genes. The problem with cancer cells is that they are immortal if you can make them mortal, the cells, then you can treat even the most aggressive forms of cancer. Scientists in London have brought out a new drug that creates that situation – it makes the cancer cells mortal. The drug, which is being called HXR9, disables the cancer cells from making the unhealthy cells in the patient’s body to die. Sidestepping apoptosis is what the process is called when cancer cells start affecting the damaged and unhealthy cells in the body – the new drug prevents the cells from doing that. - Nirmal Singh 3C
Researchers from London found that the drug can be effectively used to treat AML and other forms of Leukemia. The drug has been this successful in the trail period as it specifically targets the HOX genes that are responsible…

New Mobile Application To Help Parents Keep A Check On The Sleeping Pattern Of The Infants.

A new study has proved that a new mobile application can help parents assure safe sleep practices for infants. The application includes informational videos and messages that can improve parents’ adherence to safe sleeping practices for the infants.

Nirmal Singh 3C says that safe sleeping practices can reduce the risk of the unexpected sudden infant death. Researchers say that they can help the parents assure the sleeping pattern for their infants is the nurses teaching the new parents about the safe sleeping practices for the infants while they are still in the hospital and the second by sending them information through emails, messages and videos. During the first few weeks after the delivery, the infants sleeping pattern is very important, they have to be paid attention to, it is very difficult for the new parents to make that out and that is why the researchers have worked so hard to find out solutions for the new parents and guide them on how they can keep the check on the child’…

Smartphones Can Now Predict Disease Risk - Nirmal Singh 3C

Now your smartphone will be capable enough to tell about any latent diseases you are suffering with and will also predict the future diseases if you carried on with your current lifestyle. The app is developed by a startup based in Gurgaon that will provide reports that will not only expose the disorders that have been hidden but will also predict the risk of diseases based on the inputs by the user. Healthians allows the user to input his basic body details like blood pressure, sugar level, weight, eyesight. Depending on these details, the app predicts the risk of diseases and also helps maintain a depository of the results for future references. - Nirmal Singh 3C
After you have put in your health details, the app analyses the data and describes, in detail, the future course of action that should be taken and also recommends the tests that should be done. When people do not have the knowledge of their pathology reports, it becomes difficult for them to be aware of the implications…

A Recent Research By Nirmal Singh 3C Revealed That Gold Nanoparticles Can Cure Cancer

The struggle to find the cure of cancer has given countless doctors and scientists sleepless nights. But that could change soon. A recent study revealed that gold can be used to cure cancer. Gold is low on the periodic table and has the ability to catalyze certain chemical reaction – it can accelerate the reactions, too. This ability can also be used or accessed in living beings without the risk of side effects.
The study that was conducted in London by a team of doctors and scientists called from across the globe revealed that nanoparticles or tiny flecks of gold can be used to fight cancer and can minimize its negative effects on human body. - Nirmal Singh 3C
The idea has always been to find a cure or something that could stop the cancer cells from multiplying. We have been struggling for decades on the subject, but with the positive showings of this recent research, things are looking good. Gold was never seen as a metal, especially not as something that can be used for medical …